Cady Groves on Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert: Their Marriage Was Over Years Ago!

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Blake Shelton’s alleged mistress Cady Groves is breaking her silence about what went on between herself, Blake, and Miranda Lambert.

Does she admit that the recurring rumors of her affair with the country star, and the role it played in his bombshell divorce, are accurate?

Sort of. Implicitly.

Cady Groves, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Fans were shocked when country music’s beloved duo announced their plans to divorce. Actually, their was no plan, it was already finalized.

Cady Groves was not surprised, however. The aspiring singer, who allegedly had an affair with Blake Shelton a few years back, is speaking out.

“Their marriage was over a long time ago,” Cady says, adding threateningly, “If people knew what really happened, the world would explode."

Ooooh. Maybe those absurd-sounding tabloid rumors of Miranda Lambert cheating with five guys actually have merit after all?

Cady does not deny having an affair with Shelton, notably, even if she won't say she did. She finds it unfair that she's talking the blame, however.

“This is too much, I’m going to have a nervous breakdown,” she said. “Blake and Miranda are letting me take all the bullets. It’s wrong.”

Her brother agrees. He has blamed the affair for torpedoing her career and publicly called out Blake for ruining Cady Groves' life.

Still, Groves still cares for Shelton, sending heartsick tweets following his divorce, such as, “I never quit loving you - you just ran.”

Deep. Regarding Lambert, whose trust issues with Shelton were as old as their relationship itself, Groves insists, “I love Miranda."

“Miranda and I became friends when I was 21,” Groves adds, then cryptically insinuates that she lied to her about bedding Blake:

"When you love someone, it doesn’t matter if they run over your heart with a truck and shoot you in the face ... you forgive them."

"I want to lie to protect him."

Groves and Shelton allegedly met in 2011, right after he married Lambert, when Cady invited him to film a cameo for her music video.

"She told us that she had sex with him and said they did that for at least a year,” a friend of Groves said. “Blake broke her heart.”

But at least cemented her place in Celebrity Side Piece history ... and it sounds like she's going to milk that for all it's worth now.

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