Selena Gomez: Dating Ed Sheeran?

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Selena Gomez is reportedly moving on from Justin Bieber (and Zedd, and whomever else she's dated for like a week) with a new star: Ed Sheeran.


Last week's release of the Selena Gomez "Good For You" video is an epic, auto-tuned kiss-off to Justin Bieber, who she clearly doesn't need.

The video is rumored to be about Bieber, but whether that's true or not, she's totes rubbing Justin’s face in how hot she is, and what he's missing.

And what Ed Sheeran's tapping these days!

Allegedly. CDL says that Ed and Selena were spotted out to dinner together and appearing pretty cozy there and at Tori Kelly’s album release party.

Selena reportedly arrived on Ed’s arm, and looked like every bit the couple at this event ... which almost got really interesting in a hurry.

Then, when Justin himself showed his face at the same event, she didn’t even acknowledge him and left with Ed shortly thereafter.

Damn. That's some cold s--t right there.

Where do we go from here, though?

Somehow, we will never accept that these two are totally over each other, and the Justin Bieber “Where Are You Now” video proves as much.

In the video for the track - by Skrillex and Diplo ft. the Douche - there are photos covered in graffiti. One spells out “Where R U Now, Selena.”

The Biebs is nothing if not subtle.

Tabloid rumors pertaining to Gomez's personal life are a dime a dozen (see above), and we can't confirm she and Ed are together whatosever.

Still, she's been linked to just about everyone else in the business, so why shouldn't he get a turn? Do you think they'd make a cute couple?

More significantly, the eternal gossip question: Do you think Justin will ever get over her, and she'll ever stop holding a candle for that clown?

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