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If you watched I Am Cait Season 1 Episode 2 last night, then you know Caitlyn Jenner rolls with a close-knit crew of transgender women who are endlessly supportive, yet honest enough to call her on her privilege.

Caitlyn Jenner and Trans Friends

It may have struck some viewers as odd that Caitlyn is so tight with her chick clique, given the timeline involved.

Until recently, her gender transition was a carefully guarded secret that she kept even from her immediate family.

A production insider tells Radar Online that it’s no accident that Caitlyn’s besties are also transgender.

In fact, the source Caitlyn paid the women to pretend to be her friends:

“Caitlyn didn’t just meet all of these already famous transgender people by accident – of course they were cast and, yes, they are getting paid,” says the insider. 

"[Jenner] actually held auditions for the role of her transgender BFFs for the television show!”

Yes, Caitlyn and Kris Jenner may be feuding these days, but it seems the former Olympian learned a thing or two about how to stage a "reality" show over the course of their 23 year marriage.

Of course, while reality TV fakery is nothing new, it’s usually limited to scripted conversations and the occasional re-shoot of a supposedly candid, spontaneous scene.

Essentially hiring actors to play roles is taking things a step further.

The source adds that producers lucked out in the casting of Candis Cayne, as she and Caitlyn genuinely hit it off and became friends -but only after Cayne was vetted by producers and chosen for a role on the show.

“It’s great chance that Caitlyn and Candis really have hit it off and are actually BFFs now,” the insider says. “That sure helps.”

That said, Candis is still being well-compensated for serving as Caitlyn’s confidante:

“When you are appearing on a major network show on several episodes you do not do that for free. There are auditions and a selection process,” says the source.

So, yes, Caitlyn is living a more authentic version of her life these days, but at the end of the day, she’s still a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.