Inside Taylor Swift's Post-VMA Party: Who Bashed Miley Cyrus? Who Got Fall-Down Drunk?

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Taylor Swift might have taken home some hardware last night, but the 2015 VMAs were dominated by Miley Cyrus, who hosted, and Kanye West, who gave such an insanely long speech that it started to feel like he was hosting.

But while she couldn't compete with the music world's most bombastic weirdos during the show itself, the after-party was Taylor's time to shine.

Taylor Swift, Squad: 2015 VMAs

Taylor's girl squad came out in force for the awards (nine gal pals joined her on the red carpet in lieu of boyfriend Calvin Harris) and afterward, they all showed up to let loose at the swanky West Hollywood hotspot Ysabel.

In some ways, it was like a get-together you might host at your own crib: 

Partiers enjoyed sushi and Fireball shots, and at least one guest got white-girl wasted. 

In other ways, it was more like the kind of party you wish you hosted at your crib:

A-list celebs were everywhere, and they drunkenly dished dirt on which fellow entertainers they just can't stand.

Fortunately, one attendee shared all the details of Taylor's chick clique bash with Radar Online.

First off, let's hand out the Drunk Chick of the Night Award. Selena Gomez, stumble on down!

"[Selena] started getting pretty f--ked up," says the source, adding that the singer downed four vodka shots in the span of a few minutes. "She was flirting big time with Nick Jonas."

It seems Selena got so hammered that she started openly bashing Miley Cyrus, and a relatively sober Taylor (who stuck to sipping Ketel One vodka on the rocks) joined in.

"I can't believe I used to be friends with her," Selena reportedly said of Miley. "I should've reached out that night she cut her hair and posted the pic on Twitter."

The insider says the girls even listened to Miley's new album, which reportedly had them "in stitches, doubled over laughing."

From the sound of things, Swift was in a pretty combative mood throughout the night. 

The source says she ordered her security guards to keep Ariana and Frankie Grande away from her, and she even snapped at Empire actress Serayah McNeill for taking too many selfies.

But hey, in the end it was all good: Taylor picked up the tab for everyone's drinks, food and transportation home. 

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