Kanye West to Host 2016 Video Music Awards?!?

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Kanye West for President?

Don't laugh (okay, laugh a little bit)... the rapper actually said he was running for the Oval Office during his rambling 12-minute speech at the MTV Video Music Awards last night.

Kanye and Kim at the VMAs

But before Kanye truly thinks about whether or not to seek the United States Presidency in 2020, MTV executives reportedly want him to consider a slightly less important gig:

2016 Video Music Awards host!

According to TMZ insiders, producers were thrilled with West's diatribe upon accepting this year's Video Vanguard Award.

Despite only allotting Kanye two minutes for his speech at first (two minutes? Had they ever heard Kanye West speak before?!?), those in the control room were told to stand down and let him ramble once he started... because West was just so darn entertaining.

Afterward, a network higher-up even followed Kanye back to his dressing room in order to tell him what an awesome job he did.

As a result, Kanye actually hosting this event is supposedly "on the table" for next year.

Which may some crazy to some.

But remember Miley Cyrus at the VMAs in 2013? Could you possibly have imagined that she'd be hosting just two years later?!?

Moreover, considering that we'd simply watch Kanye dance around to The Weeknd for hours and hours... it's safe to say we'd most definitely tune in for a Kanye West-hosted Video Music Awards.

Wouldn't you?

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