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First we shipped them Lindsay Lohan, now this!

Last night, Farrah Abraham made her debut on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, and it took the Brits about eight seconds to realize they’d made a horrible mistake by not only allowing the Teen Mom trainwreck into their country, but putting her on TV, as well.

Farrah Abraham on Celebrity Big Brother

Despite their best efforts (Looking at you, Sarah Ferguson!) the English aren’t as adept at producing tabloid trash as we are, so when the need arises for batsh-t reality stars to round out a cast of psychos, they look to the colonies. 

But if they thought that whole revolution business was ugly, they really must have been shocked by what Farrah Abraham had to offer. 

Right off the bat, Farrah talked about her sex tape and informed viewers that others are often "interrogated by [her] confidence."

So she immediately established that she’s a delusional porn star with the intelligence of a lobotomized Donald Trump.

UK viewers probably thought that was as bad as it gets. Unfortunately, they had no idea that Farrah is also violently insane.

During a game that pit American and British housemates against each other, Farrah went off on Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton, threatening to spit on her and "hit a b–ch" with her water bottle.

Needless to say, the Brits were sufficiently horrified and Farrah is still being slammed on Twitter. 

We’re guessing no one told her that fans vote on who gets evicted first.