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Alleged Ben Affleck girlfriend Christine Ouzounian worked as the star’s nanny for just a few months, but long enough to ignite a tabloid firestorm.

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Her relationship with Affleck quickly became much more intimate, according to sources quoted by People; Affleck denies dating the nanny.

According to the magazine, though, Ouzounian told friends she was having an affair with the actor, who recently split with Jennifer Garner.

"Christine is in love with him," says one friend of Ouzounian’s.

According to the friend, Affleck and Ouzounian began the affair last spring, not long after she was hired, and would meet at the Hotel Bel Air.

"It’s been going on for a long time," adds the friend, who says Ouzounian showed her pictures of her sitting on Ben’s lap and the two kissing.

A second source allegedly from Ouzounian’s inner circle says that the two were intimate, at least according to the 28-year-old caregiver.

"For Christine, it was a relationship," says the source, and one destined for disaster. "A friend warned her she was going to end up heartbroken."

Ouzounian’s friend says that the nanny joined Ben and his three kids in the Bahamas in June before Garner flew down separately to join them.

While in the Bahamas, the duo announced their divorce June 30 … and Ouzounian left with Affleck to attend a charity poker event in Las Vegas.

Garner was "livid," when she found out, says a close friend. "And I don’t blame her because if my children bonded with you and you did this?"

"It’s just the biggest betrayal."

Us Weekly, which first reported the duo’s relationship, notably does not accuse Affleck of cheating on his wife even as it exposes this romance.

And again, the actor’s rep has already denounced this as "complete garbage and full of lies," and not even some anonymous insiders agree.

A source close to Affleck says he and Christine had "a work relationship and a friendship. There has never been a romantic or sexual relationship."

"This was not [the reason] for the breakup. There was no affair during or after [their marriage]. Ben and Jen have been separated for months."