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Despite the months of hype surrounding its debut, Caitlyn Jenner’s reality show, I Am Cait, was met with disappointing ratings in its first week.

The problem went from bad to worse in week two, as ratings plummeted, and Caitlyn lost nearly half her audience from the week before.

Confident Caitlyn Jenner
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Insiders say Caitlyn is devastated by the tepid response to her passion project, and she’s now doing everything she can – from working with trans advocates to recruiting a new marketing firm – in order to turn the show into a hit.

While Caitlyn is reportedly willing to accept some of the blame for I Am Cait’s rapidly shrinking audience, sources say she also believes she’s been a victim of foul play and that the show’s struggles are mainly the result of a malicious scheme cooked up by her number one rival.

Yes, Caitlyn believes that Kris Jenner has been conspiring with producers to feature scenes that make will Caitlyn look bad and possibly serve to alienate her LGBT audience.

On the latest episode, for example, Caitlyn made a series of insensitive comments regarding the plight of disadvantaged members of the trans community.

Caitlyn has been slammed by transgender activists as a result, and she reportedly believes that was part of Kris’ plan all along:

“Not having lived as a member of the LGBT community is definitely hurting her, and Caitlyn feels that Kris is media savvy enough to know it,” a source tells Radar Online. “Getting producers to seize on it was a no brainer.

“Having the same production team involved as Keeping Up With The Kardashians only heightens Caitlyn’s suspicions. She feels that everything she is working towards is now an absolute joke.”

Yes, there are downsides to pissing off a media mastermind. Kris might have nothing to do with the failure of I Am Cait…but her ex can never be quite sure.