I Am Cait: Sneak Peeks, Promos & More!

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The truth has set Caitlyn Jenner free.

And now E! viewers will see that means for real, as the transgender star has signed on to anchor an eight-episode docuseries titled I Am Cait.

It will take fans behind the scenes of her new life, which has included stops at the New York City Pride Parade, an admirable ESPY Awards speech... and the painting of her fingernails.

What do we know so far about I Am Cait? What have we seen? Check out the following sneak peeks and promos:

1. I Am Cait Trailer: No More Secrets

I Am Cait premieres on E! on July 26. Watch Caitlyn Jenner break down in the latest promo for this reality show.

2. I Am Cait Trailer

The first trailer for Caitlyn Jenner's much anticipated new docu-series I Am Cait is here! See the sneak preview right here, right now.

3. I Am Cait Sneak Preview

Caitlyn Jenner is ready to introduce herself to the world, again, in her new reality series I Am Cait. Watch a new sneak preview of the series now.

4. I Am Cait Sneak Peek

Caitlyn Jenner basks in the sun, plays tennis and more in this latest sneak preview clip from I Am Cait, which promises to be a huge premiere event for E!

5. I Am Cait Clip: A Concerned Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner can't fall asleep in this clip from her new reality show. Watch to find out why.

6. Kylie Jenner Meets Caitlyn Jenner For the First Time in New I Am Cait Preview

A new preview for I Am Cait shows the first meeting between Kylie and Caitlyn Jenner. Kylie's grandmother is on hand to witness the moment.

7. I Am Cait Promo Pic

I Am Cait Promo Pic
Simply gorgeous! This is a photo of Caitlyn Jenner in promotion of the E! reality series I Am Cait.

8. Cait

Caitlyn Jenner has become a tour de force since coming out. And we don't expect that to change.

9. Caitlyn Jenner in I Am Cait

Caitlyn Jenner in I Am Cait
Caitlyn Jenner in a scene from the I AM CAIT trailer. Should be an awesome show, taking us behind the scenes of her life.

10. Caitlyn Looks On

Caitlyn Looks On
Caitlyn Jenner in a scene from the I AM CAIT trailer, premiering in July 2015 on E!

11. She is Cait Jenner

She is Cait Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner in another scene from the I AM CAIT trailer. Her new reality show will most likely debut to record ratings in July 2015.

12. SHE is Cait!

SHE is Cait!
Bruce Jenner is no longer. Caitlyn Jenner is here to stay, and she will be starring in her new docu-series I AM CAIT starting July 26 on E!

13. Kim Kardashian to Caitlyn Jenner: Don't Bash Your Family!

Kim Kardashian has some words for Caitlyn Jenner in this I Am Cait sneak preview. Watch now to see what's on tap for Season 1.

14. I Am Cait Series Premiere Clip: What Did Kanye Say?

Kanye West met Caitlyn Jenner for the first time on the premiere of I Am Cait. Watch this sneak peek to see his reaction.

15. Caitlyn Jenner Tries to Sound Feminine

Caitlyn Jenner tests out her best female voice in this I Am Cait clip. How does she sound?

16. Caitlyn Jenner Disses Kris Humphries

Caitlyn Jenner lays the smackdown on Kris Humphries in this clip from I Am Cait. And for good reason!

17. I Am Cait Clip: Making Like Kendall

Caitlyn Jenner gets her Kendall on in this sneak peek from I Am Cait. Check it out now!

18. I Am Cait Clip - In Da Club!

Caitlyn Jenner visits a gay club in this sneak peek from I Am Cait. See how she reacts to the people aroun her now.

19. Caitlyn Jenner Meets Boy George

Caitlyn Jenner meets Boy George in this clip from I Am Cait. And he's rather excited to be doing so.

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