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Teresa Giudice has been behind bars since early January, and during that time, her husband Joe Giudice has been caught cheating on her on several different occasions. 

In fact, sources say Joe has made little effort to conceal his philandering, often taking his side-pieces on dates to bars and restaurants that are frequented by friends of Teresa’s.

Insiders claim that Teresa is in deep denial about her husband’s cheating, and Joe is unconcerned about getting caught, as he knows that his long-suffering, incarcerated wife will never leave him.

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So it’s no great surprise that Radar Online is reporting Joe has been spotted with another woman yet again, this time at a Jersey nightclub just minutes from the Giudice’s Montville home.

“It was him and a woman next to him, and another man and woman across from them,” says one witness.

“He looked like he was having fun. My friends were like, ‘He should be home crying about Teresa or watching his daughters!’ But he did not look like he was worried about anything at all. He was having a good time.”

While Joe reportedly refrained from engaging in any PDA with the mystery woman, onlookers say it was very clear that he was on a date.

There’s no word on whether or not Teresa has been informed, but something tells us Joe isn’t terribly worried about her finding out.