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Blake Shelton is denying rumors that he had an affair with country singer Cady Groves, and threatening to sue the tabloid the published her claims.

Cady Groves Instagram

In the new issue of In Touch, Cady Groves implicitly claims she had an affair with Blake Shelton during his now-kaput marriage to Miranda Lambert.

These rumors have run wild for some time, but this was the first case of Groves specifically feeding into them – and Team Blake is livid.

Shelton’s attorneys have fired off a letter to In Touch, demanding they retract their scandalous story about Shelton, Groves and Lambert.

Blake’s legal team describes Groves as someone who became “infatuated” with the singer, but who was never involved with him. At all.

The legal letter explicitly says: “Mr. Shelton did not have a sexual relationship or affair of any nature whatsoever with Ms. Groves.”

The letter accuses In Touch of using Groves as a source, which it does, as she makes a number of strong insinuations in the story.

Groves has notably stopped short of saying flat-out that she bedded Shelton … but has never come out and denied the affair either.

As for the magazine’s take on this? Go kick rocks. They are standing by the story … and saying there’s more where it came from:

“Not only does In Touch stand by its story but we have another exclusive about Blake and Miranda’s divorce in this week’s issue.”

Game on.