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According to The Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force, Dr. Walter Palmer can redeem himself for killing Cecil the Lion by flying back to Africa and performing free dental procedures for poverty-stricken residents there.

But Whoopi Goldberg may not think this is sufficient.

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The outspoken View panelist made her feelings well known today on the controversy gripping the nation:

Palmer’s admission that he paid $50,000 to have a hunt set up for him this month in which he killed a lion in Zimbabwe.

Little did Palmer know at the time that the lion was nationally-protected and that it was against the law for him to be hunted.

The Minnesota dentist has since expressed regret for his actions and basically gone into hiding, but PETA wants Palmer to be hanged… and Goldberg can see where the organization is coming from.

“This was not a sport; sport is, you’re in there and you use everything you shoot,” Goldberg said of Palmer’s endeavor. “This man went over and he basically shot fish in a barrel.”

It’s true: Palmer had guides lure Cecil the Lion into a certain area; and had to do very little himself except aim at a very close target and fire.

"That was not a hunt; that was a murder," Goldberg added.

Uproar over Palmer’s actions has been nearly universal.

No celebrity is on record defending the dentist, while Jimmy Kimmel broke down in tears while castigating him and telling a national audience how it can help preserve wildlife.

Heck, Mia Farrow even Tweeted Palmer’s home address! (That was likely a step too far.)

Proving that anger over Cecil the Lion crosses the political aisle, Nicolle Wallace chimed in and agreed with Goldberg on The View.

“I think hunting this animal is incomprehensible," she said.

While you debate this ongoing topic, here’s a look back at our nation’s previous hunting scandal: