Walter Palmer: Zimbabwe Offers Cecil the Lion's Killer Chance to Redeem Himself

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Unless you spent all of yesterday in a cave on Mars with really crappy wi-fi, then you've probably heard that Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer admitted to killing Cecil the Lion.

For those of you who did just return to Earth, welcome back, and allow us to fill you in:

Walter Palmer and Cecil the Lion

Cecil was a beloved tourist attraction in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park.

With the help of at least two guides Palmer used an animal carcass to lure Cecil out of the park (where hunting is illegal). He was then spotlighted and shot with a bow and arrow.

Cecil survived the attack, but Palmer and his guides tracked him for two days, shot him, and then decapitated him and skinned his corpse.

Needless to say, Palmer doesn't have a lot of fans online at the moment.

In fact, his actions moved Jimmy Kimmel to cry on live TV and actress Mia Farrow to tweet Palmer's address to her 600,000 followers. 

Times are tough for Palmer, who has closed his dental practice indefinitely and is reportedly in hiding with full police protection.

But despite his horrific actions (Did we mention he tried to destroy Cecil's tracking collar in order to conceal his crime?) Palmer has been offered a shot at redemption.

The Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force has issued a statement saying that they will pardon Palmer if he returns to the small south African nation to perform free dental services for impoverished families.

It's an opportunity to wring something good out of a terrible situation, and hopefully, Palmer will have the good sense to take advantage.

The organization is also encouraging animal rights activists to stop threatening Palmer online, stating, "Cecil would not have enjoyed the threats of violence."

Yes, when folks are being asked to take conflict resolution cues from the kind of the jungle, you know things might be getting a bit our of hand. 

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