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We have a new, controversial twist on the homicide of Cecil the Lion.

A couple days after a Dr. Walter Palmer admitted to murdering Cecil the Lion during a trip to Africa, Mia Farrow has likely crossed a line in seeking revenge against the dentist.

Mia Farrow Image
Walter Palmer and Cecil the Lion

The actress actually Tweeted Palmer’s home address to her 656,000 followers.

Farrow has since deleted the message, but not before receiving backlash for invading Palmer’s privacy and placing him in danger, with one outraged Internet user asking her online:

"Are you trying to send a mob?"

Palmer paid $50,000 for the chance to hunt and kill a lion in Zimbabwe on July 1, unaware at the time that his guides sought out a protected, locally-beloved animal to be his prey.

The dentist has since apologized, explained his side of the story and gone into hiding.

Most believe that Palmer did not intentionally break the law in order to take Cecil out… but that hasn’t stopped critics from coming down harshly on his trophy-hunting behavior.

Jimmy Kimmel sums everything up very well here:

Cecil the Lion Moves Jimmy Kimmel to Tears

Ricky Gervais, Cara Delevigne and Olivia Wilde are among other celebrities who have spoken out against Palmer, who has said he “deeply regrets” the way his hunt took place.

But that mea culpa isn’t sufficient for Farrow – or for PETA.

The latter organization believes Palmer ought to be hanged for his actions.

He isn’t the first person to get into trouble for bragging online about his murder of an innocent animal, however. Remember Kendall Jones?