The Bachelorette Winner: STILL Jealous of Kaitlyn Bristowe Runner-Up?!

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According to The Bachelorette spoilers, Kaitlyn Bristowe may get engaged at the end after all, despite prior reports that she leaves the show single.

That won't end the tension between her final two guys, however.

Nick Viall Kissing Kaitlyn Bristowe

WARNING: Spoilers below! With The Bachelorette winner revealed, we are going to discuss him below, so if you wish to remain in the dark, HALT.

Okay, having gotten that obligatory message out of the way ...

If you believe the intelligence from Reality Steve, and at this point, how can you really not ... Kaitlyn Bristowe is currently engaged to Shawn Booth.

Heck with Reality Steve. Thank that Kaitlyn Bristowe Snapchat of the two in bed, nearly naked, for blowing the ending of this season herself.

FYI: You can't post old videos on Snapchat. It wasn't faked.

She shared a video of them in bed and the Internet screen grabbed the proof before she realized what she did and deleted. Booth wins. The end.

Whether they're still together is another story, though.

Given everything we're watching on The Bachelorette - which they're watching along with us - the Live After The Final Rose show should be interesting.

Shawn Booth’s jealousy issues have been a major focal point, and while she told Shawn about banging Nick Viall, he now gets to watch that play out.

Apparently, this is almost too much for him to take.

An insider dished, “He is really struggling with the fact that Kaitlyn was sleeping with other guys and telling them that she was falling for them too."

"He desperately wants to move forward and put The Bachelorette behind them, but watching [Kaitlyn and Nick on the show] makes that impossible." 

"It is really tearing them apart," the insider continues.

"He knew Kaitlyn was the one very early on, and he thought her feelings were mutual. But, now he is realizing that her feelings weren’t as strong."

"It has turned him in to a jealous, insecure mess.”

Wow. With all that said - and not surprising us whatsoever - is it just a matter of time before Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe break up?

Hit the comments below and let us know ...

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