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Kylie Jenner is standing by Tyga in the wake of his sex scandal, showing no signs that recent events are taking any toll on their romance.

Moreover, she believes his former fiancee, Blac Chyna, may have framed the rapper regarding his alleged dalliances with Mia Isabella (right).

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Kylie Jenner and Tyga Together
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We can’t speak to the accuracy of rumors that Kylie plans to marry Tyga when she turns 18 in August, but if she is, this didn’t nix the wedding.

If anything, she’s more excited about the prospect than ever.

In the wake of Tyga sending d–k pics to Mia Isabella, that’s not a small feat. Dude must have a tight grip on Kylie’s mind and (underage) body.

That or he’s being set up, which he’s apparently claiming.

Seeing as there are text messages and naked pictures indicating Tyga had a tryst with the transgender model, this is dubious at best.

Still, Kylie Jenner feels her man was framed by the “haters." In other words, the people that don’t want the two of them to be together.

An insider dished. “Kylie’s family is freaking out, after the sex scandal she announced that she is still planning her wedding to Tyga."

"Now she wants to make it huge to prove the haters wrong."

In the end, "Kylie thinks that either Blac Chyna or someone from her mother Kris Jenner’s team is responsible for the sex scandal."

"She totally believes that Tyga was framed and is 100% innocent.”

Given that Blac Chyna trolling Kylie would not be unprecedented, and Kris Jenner is shameless and stops at nothing to get her way?

We’re not saying we believe Tyga was framed, or that Blac was involved. But in Kylie’s position, you can’t rule anything out, can you?