Blac Chyna Trolls Kylie Jenner on Instagram Again with New Raunchy Pics; Khloe Set to Intervene?

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Blac Chyna loves nothing more in life these days than trolling Kylie Jenner on Instagram, and she's done it again with a pair of racy photos this week.

It's gotten so bad that Khloe Kardashian is reportedly ready to step in to defend her little sister following the latest salvo fired off by the stripper.

Blac Chyna Trolling

The two women (term used loosely) are in an epic beef over Tyga, who put a baby in Blac 2-3 years ago before moving onto the teenage reality star.

Earlier this week, Blac Chyna mocked Kylie Jenner's lips in the wake of the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, making for her most blatant diss to date.

This time, her social media shade throwing is subtler, as it typically has been.

Uploading a raunchy photo of herself in a bed alone, she captioned it “permanently,” a clear shot at Kylie Jenner’s frequent use of the term “urgently."

Jenner also loves to write that she is “currently” dating Tyga - and that he bought her a sick watch - Chyna is implying that their relationship is permanent.

Yes, Kylie is dating Tyga. We know it. Blac knows it. The world knows it.

But thanks to the former couple's one-year old son King Cairo Stevenson, he will always be in her life ... and even Kylie can't compete with this booty:

Blac Chyna Lingerie Photo
Blac Chyna Cleavage Photo

Kylie's response to this epic dressing down (in more ways than one)?

“It was completely insensitive and heartless of her," a source says of Chyna's trolling, "and Kylie wants to fire back so badly.” But will she do so?

Not yet, anyway. Kylie “cannot wait until she is 18 so her and Tyga can make out on her Instagram and Blac can just sit home and cry about it.”

We can't wait either. August 10 baby!!!!

In the meantime, Khloe Kardashian, who is “pretty much Kylie’s mother," is "not going to let this b-mbo go and talk smack about her baby sister."

Of course, Chyna, who's friends with Kardashian nemesis Amber Rose, doesn't seem overly concerned despite reports that Khloe is ready to step in.

“She knows too much on that family," says a source. "She will use it against them if any of the Kardashian girls seriously try to do anything stupid."

Your Insta-move, Kylie.

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