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Amandla Steinberg made it very clear over the weekend: she does not like Kylie Jenner in cornrows.

But former The Hunger Games star better direct her wrath at other members of Kylie’s famous family as well… because Kylie hasn’t been alone in rocking this look. 

Kim Kardashian donned cornrows for a commercial last August. Khloe Kardashian simply wore them to the gym.

So you know what’s coming next, right? You know what we have to ask, don’t you? Which sister makes this look work best?

Is it wrong for non-African-Americans to wear their hair as cornrows, as Steinberg has stated on multiple occasions?

We’ll leave that debate for another time.

In this case, all we want to know is which sibling looks sexiest.

Compare and contrast above and them do the same below via this collection of makeup-free photos: