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It’s a good thing Kim Kardashian revealed her second pregnancy to the world when she did, because she certainly couldn’t have kept it a secret much longer.

Yes, seemingly overnight, Kim is showing like a mother (to be)!

Kim Kardashian: Pregnant in Paris
Kim Kardashian Shows Off Pregnancy Style

That’s Mrs. Kardashian-West in Paris yesterday, and while we don’t know for sure if Kanye is still picking out Kim’s clothes, it certainly seems like she’ll continue to eschew traditional maternity wear in favor of tailored couture, just as she did with baby number one.

There’s no word on what Kim is doing in Europe, but the City of Light seems to be her venue of choice for bold, pregnant fashion statements.

Last month, we got our first look at Kim’s pregnancy cleavage while she was in Paris. Now, she’s back to show the world’s fashion capital to show them what an old-fashioned American pregnancy really looks like:

Painful. Kim’s pregnancy outfits always look incredibly painful.

Someone needs to take her aside and say, "Kim, it’s fine. The whole world has seen you naked. You can rock an oversized t-shirt and some sweatpants for a few months and no one will forget that you’re hot."

Normally, that would be a husband’s job, but Kim married a dude who threw out her entire wardrobe and now approves all of her outfits.

We’re not even kidding. That’s the thing about Kanye: Too often, things that sound like ridiculous jokes are actually just facts about the way the man chooses to live his life.

Anyway, lookin’ good, Kim! Just remember – there’s really no pressure to keep squeezing into those Spanx.