Kaitlyn Bristowe: I Got DEATH THREATS For Sexing Up Nick Viall!

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Kaitlyn Bristowe recently revealed that she has been called vile names and even got death threats for having sex on The Bachelorette.

Perhaps, we'd say in response, members of Bachelor Nation may be taking this a tad seriously and might benefit from getting out more.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Nick Viall

There's little doubt about that, but the reaction on social media to this season has been particularly intense, polarizing, even alarming.

Chris Harrison, The Bachelorette host, says every season will be the most controversial in Bachelor(ette) history. This time he was right.

A fiery Canadian dance instructor with good looks and a sense of humor, Kaitlyn Bristowe was immensely popular on The Bachelor.

She did not win the final rose from Chris Soules, but she did best fellow Soules reject Britt Nilsson to win the job as The Bachelorette.

Her reign as ABC's reality queen has been bumpy, though, in large part due to her decision to sleep with aspiring husband Nick Viall.

While she still had eight other guys pining for her, no less.

In other words, the 29-year-old had sort of casual sex, or at least sex with someone she was dating but not super seriously dating.

Yet. Nick went on to make her final two, it's worth noting.

Following her candid admission of this, America lost its collective s--t and Kaitlyn received the most nauseating and brutal responses.

The cyber-bullies came out in force, calling Bristowe a "selfish whore" who should "crawl in a hole and die" ... and worse. Seriously.

On Monday's Men Tell All special, Bristowe broke down when talking about these sick comments she's been subjected to this year.

Some were written by moms, making it more painful.

Subsequently, more tweets and direct messages to Kaitlyn read aloud by Harrison were beyond bad and made us question humanity.

Fans were shocked and disgusted as Harrison read them, and Kait was moved to tears by the fact that people could be so cruel.

"I’m so fine with people disagreeing with me or having their opinions - that’s OK,” she said. “The hardest part is it affects my family."

"I like to think that it doesn’t matter what people think, but [it's hard] when it’s thousands and thousands pouring in, people hating."

Also, she added, "I get death threats. That hurts."

Obviously, the absurd slut shaming of Kaitlyn exposes the serious double standard of sexual behavior among men and women.

Not that it should matter anyway, but as The Bachelorette spoilers predicted, Nick went on to make the finale of the current season.

She's been most into Nick and Shawn Booth from the start, and those are the only two left standing as we head into the finale.

As Nick himself put it on Twitter, in defense of Bristowe, "both men and women have an equal right to sex without judgment."

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