Joe Termini, Justin Bieber's Friend, Attacked By Shark! [NSFW PICS]

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There are plenty of reasons to be excited about Shark Week.  But the excitement is a little too close for comfort for Justin Bieber. 

The tween pop icon’s friend Joe Termini was attacked by a shark in Australia this weekend. The incident put Termini in the hospital and Bieber on Twitter.

Bieber posted one of the graphic photos of Termini laying on the deck of the boat.  His eyes are closed, and he is bleeding from the wounds on his chest.

Bieber's Friend Shark Attack

"Exactly why I hate sharks they told us reef sharks don't bite," Bieber captioned the pic.  Ummmm, don’t hate the shark, Beebs.  Hate the people invading the sharks’ territory.

In a second photo posted by Termini, Termini’s torso is shown up close.  There is a deep, bloody wound where the shark’s teeth ripped into his body.

Termini seemed to have an upbeat and sarcastic attitude after the attack.  He captioned the photo, “It’s been a good day.”

Later, Bieber took to Twitter to remark about the incident’s uncanny timing with Discovery’s Shark Week, which started yesterday.

"Hey @joe_termini it's #SharkWeek lol,” he wrote.

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