Shark Week Tribute: 13 Famously Fictional Sharks

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Yay for Shark Week!

This annual tradition on Discovery Channel isn't adored by celebrities around the globe, along with regular television viewers in their underwear.

In honor of the yearly seven-day event, we're here to pay homage to a handful of famously fictional hunters.

We may now want to cross their path in the water, but we're happy to sit back and let them entertain us on screen:

1. Jaws

Who else could get this list started? Everyone say it together now: We're gonna need a bigger boat.

2. Bruce

Bruce stars in Finding Nemo. He tries to eat Nemo and Dory at one point, it's true. But he ends the film by remembering that "fish are friends, not food."

3. Jaws from James Bond

Jaws from James Bond
Actor Richard Kiel portraye the villain Jaws in two James Bond movies: The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. He stood 7'2".

4. The West Side Story Sharks

The West Side Story Sharks
The Sharks battles with The Jets in West Side Story, neither side willing to give up their turf without some dancing, snapping and a bit of fake fighting.

5. Any Given Sunday Sharks

Any Given Sunday Sharks
Al Pacino coached The Sharks in Any Given Sunday and helped them fight for EVERY INCH of the field in this classic Oliver Stone movie.

6. Sharks with Lasers

Sharks with Lasers
Dr. Evil does not ask for a lot in life. Just $1 million and some sharks with lasers on top of their heads.

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