Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Breakup: $25 Million, Custody of Kids at Stake?!

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Say what you will about Kourtney Kardashian's decision to date Scott Disick for the better part of a decade; at least she never married the guy.

Unfortunately, because it took Kourtney so long to come to her senses and dump Disick, she may end up paying a stiff price for tolerating his douchiness for so long.

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Radar Online is reporting that Scott and Kourtney could end up in court as a result of their breakup, and the law may wind up treating them more or less like a married couple that's getting divorced. 

“Even though Scott and Kourtney  never legally wed, Scott has often referred to Kourtney as his wife,” says one source. “They had been together for more than ten years, and have three children together.”

California does not recognize common law marriage, but as Scott and Kourtney have three kids together and are essentially business partners, the fight over custody and assets could get ugly.

"There are big concerns that Scott is going to go after Kourtney’s fortune by seeking alimony and child support,” says the source.

“Kris had worried for years that Scott would cost Kourtney a fortune when the relationship came to an end. Scott does make a lot of money from being associated with the Kardashians, but he also spends, and doesn’t save.”

Of course, even though the couple's massive fortune (estimated at roughly $25 million) is on the line, Kourtney has far more at stake than just her money.

Sources say Scott plans to fight her for primary custody of their children, even though his often-negligent approach to parenting is well-documented, thanks to the constant presence of E! cameras.

Fortunately for Kourtney, stories about Scott partying with underage girls and going off on week-long benders should be enough to sway any judge in her favor.

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