Hank Baskett: Lying About Ava London Fondling?

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Hank Baskett recently, and finally, came clean about what happened between himself and Ava London, but his story remains fishy for several reasons.

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Baskett, who famously stepped out on Kendra Wilkinson last year when she was pregnant, had long been dubiously silent about what went down.

While Ava London told tawdry tales of trading mutual Hank hand jobs to anybody who would listen, Kendra and Hank were mum on the details.

All the better to milk it for reality TV ratings, we suppose.

His ambiguous cheating was the basis for an entire season of WE tv's Kendra on Top and is still being rehashed on Marriage Boot Camp.

Still, Baskett's recent admission - Hank admits he was fondled, but says he was set up after merely trying to buy weed - doesn't add up:

  1. If what he says happened actually took place, why did he desperately and secretly try to buy off London to keep her quiet?
  2. Why would he sit there and let Kendra scream - and kick him out of the house - rather than defend himself whatsoever?
  3. Ava London passed a lie detector test.

That last part is true, and could mean trouble for Hank.

London took a polygraph and passed with flying colors, obliterating Baskett's lame story and confirming - she says - that he sought her out.

“There was no indication of deception during the polygraph examination,” says former Secret Service agent Joseph Paolella of London.

Hank says he was depressed, drinking and on drugs when he met two transgender models and tried to score some weed at their place.

When he used their bathroom there, he came out to find the two women had stripped down. “I froze,” Hank says, as they groped him.

“I didn’t engage in anything!” Hank insists, more than one year and two reality shows after the fact, claiming “It was like a bank robbery."

"You never know when you’ll freeze. I don’t know if it was a couple of seconds or 15, because all I was saying was get out, get out.”

Bottom line: Kendra either somehow believes this or saw an opportunity to embellish what happened for the sake of her TV career.

Either option is pretty incredible if you think about it.

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