Ava London Takes Lie Detector Test, Hank Baskett Reportedly Admits Cheating on Kendra Wilkinson

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Hank Baskett has admitted privately that he hooked up with transsexual model Ava London behind wife Kendra Wilkinson's back, a new report claims.

Neither Kendra nor Hank has overtly confessed in a public forum that this took place, but People alleges that it very much did, and he said as much.

Since news broke that her husband cheated on her earlier this year, Kendra Wilkinson has been spotted more than once without her wedding ring.

She even tossed said wedding ring in the toilet, supposedly.

The usually forthcoming reality star, 29, has remained mum on the tabloid reports about Hank and Ava London engaging in mutual hand relief.

This might leave the couple's fans with a glimmer of hope that the cheating rumors are exaggerated or untrue, but sadly, that's simply not the case.

Kendra's friends will confirm it, even if she won't.

Wilkinson "cries every day" and "wanted to throw Hank out" but hasn't because she is healing [from her delivery] and needs help with the kids."

The couple wed five years ago and have two children; son Hank is four, and daughter Alijah was born just eight weeks ago, just after his affair.

According to a friend, when we found out about Hank cheating on Kendra, she'd gotten the news from a phone call "right before the [report] came out."

"She confronted Hank, [but] he denied it," says the Wilkinson source, "until he found out that the woman took a lie detector test and had to admit it."

And there you have it. Kendra "feels so stupid walking around like her life was so perfect and that her marriage was so solid. She feels like such a fool."

The question now is whether she's a fool to keep him around after what he did, or if throwing in the towel on their union would be even more foolish.

Kendra's position is not one we envy, in any case.

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