Charlotte McKinney: Naked in GIF Form For GQ!

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Last month, Charlotte McKinney forgot to wear pants to the Spike TV Awards, and it was glorious.

Today, "the new Kate Upton" is continuing to rule the summer with a GQ pictorial that basically sums up everything that's wonderful about the season, America, and life in general:

Charlotte McKinney Nude GIF
Charlotte McKinney Topless GIF

Yes, Charlotte dispensed with the bikinis this time and just went full-on nude this time.

That's not legal on many beaches in the US, but we seriously doubt that anyone complained.

Obviously, nude photos of Charlotte McKinney are always just a Google search away, but these GIFs are better because 1. They move, and 2. They're not stolen, so you can ogle-away guilt-free.

You've gotta hand it to Charlotte and GQ for cutting right to the chase and just posting a bunch of semi-nude moving images without forcing Ms. McKinney to answer some banal interview questions about how crazy it is to be famous or offer up a raunchy knock-knock joke.

Sure, there will come a time in Charlotte's career when she's forced to jump on a horse and sell Game of Thrones knock-off iPhone games, but for now, she can just bounce on a beach and it's more than good enough.

God bless America.

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