Charlotte McKinney Attended Spike Awards, Forgot to Wear Pants

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As you probably know, Charlotte McKinney is being called "the next Kate Upton" because of her blonde hair, all-American looks and ginormous fun bags, but the model chose to draw attention to a different pair of assets at last night's Spike TV Guy's Choice Awards.

Charlotte McKinney: No Pants
Charlotte McKinney: Pantsless

Yes, Char-Mac (as we're now calling her) took her sculpted gams for a walk on the red carpet in a "dress" that looks more like a shirt without pants.

Sure, nude photos of Charlotte leaked online a few weeks back, but the difference here is that here you can ogle her guilt free, as she intended to go outside with no pants on. 

Either that, or her absent-mindedness is giving blondes a bad name.

Whatever the case, the girl knows what she's doing, and we're guessing Charlotte's Carl's Jr. ad was just the beginning. 

If Charlotte continues to follow in the footsteps of the Great Kate, she too may one day be able to showcase her terrible acting skills in commercials for free-mium iPhone games.

Then she can date an athlete, ruin his career, and attempt to break into movies by playing the side-piece in various crappy rom-coms.

The future is bright, Charlotte. Don't let us down!

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