Charlotte McKinney Nude Photos Leak Online: Is She the Latest Hacking Victim?

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Charlotte McKinney has been called the next Kate Upton, and it looks like she's following in her large-breasted predecessors footsteps in more ways than one.

After all, photos of Kate Upton nude leaked online last year during the massive security breach that was later dubbed The Fappening ... for obvious reasons.

Now, images that may or may not be intimate selfies taken by McKinney, but are most definitely NSFW, are making the rounds online. Enjoy:

The photos above appeared on various message boards earlier today, and the anonymous poster claims that they're both of a nude Charlotte McKinney.

Of course, the evidence is thin, and many are already claiming that the photos are just some random nude modelĀ and not actually McKinney.

In addition to the fact that the voluptuous model's face is conveniently obscured in every shot, the timing for the leak is a little suspicious.

McKinney recently went mainstream with her Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial.

Weeks later, she made her (short-lived) Dancing With the Stars debut, where McKinney was subjected to sexist comments by DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli.

While the moment may have been demeaning, fans of the show rallied around the 21-year-old beauty, and she a trending topic online.

In other words, some wannabe hacker might just be capitalizing on McKinney's sudden fame with some pics of a woman who looks like her from the neck down.

We'll give the 40-year-old perv working photoshop magic in his parents' basement credit for one thing, though - if the pics are fake, they're pretty convincing.

In any case, here are some confirmed McKinney pics from her Instagram!

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