Ben Affleck and Margot Robbie: Hooking Up?!

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Another day, another ridiculous rumor about what caused the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner divorce.

The tabloids can't seem to agree on what finally led Jen to kick Ben to the curb, but the consensus seems to be that he just can't keep his hands off his exes and costars.

We've heard that Affleck wants to get Jennifer Lopez back. We've heard that he cheated with Emily Ratajkowski while filming Gone Girl. 

Now, one bold Australian tabloid is claiming that the infidelity that pushed Jen over the edge happened far more recently than we'd previously thought.

Margot Robbie Picture
Ben Affleck Looks Scared

"Ben has had the hots for Margot [Robbie] ever since he saw her in The Wolf Of Wall Street," a "source" tells Woman's Day.

The tabloid goes on to claim that after Ben "developed feelings for Margot" after they met on the set of Suicide Squad.

It would make sense, as one theory that's actually supported by facts holds that Affleck and Garner lied about their 10-month separation, and that the decision to divorce was made suddenly about three months ago.

Unfortunately, it's total BS. Reps for both actors and sources on set have come forward to say Ben was only on set for a few days, and he and Margot barely had any interaction with one another.

Hey, at least when the press makes up cheating partners for Ben, they're always smoking hot!

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