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Sometimes, we have a hard time relating to Mark Wahlberg. 

Like the time Wahlberg compared DeflateGate to a violent hate crime. That was something we just couldn’t get on board with. We figured that was some sort of Marky-Mark logic that only made sense in Marky-Mark’s funky brain.

There are other times, however, when Wahlberg’s logic and reasoning are dead-on and thoroughly understandable. Like the time he told Justin Bieber to stop sending him pictures of his junk.

Justin Bieber Pre-Fight Party
Photo via DJDM/

It all goes back to when Bieber started modeling for Calvin Klein.

As you probably know, Wahlberg was the first Zoolander-wannabe to cram his bits into a pair of CK boxer-briefs.

(Some of our older/cooler readers may even remember Paul Rudd laughing about Walhberg’s “pants-dropping campaign” in the movie Clueless.)

So it was only natural that the media would draw comparisons between Bieber and Wahlberg Calvin ads.

Most of the time, Bieber came up short, and Wahlberg’s wife Rhea Durham even accused Bieber of retouching his photos to increase the size of his bulge.

It seems Bieber anticipated the unfavorable comparisons and tried to get Wahlberg’s approval. Unfortunately for the Biebs, unsolicited bulge pics are generally frowned upon:

[Bieber] sent me a note saying he was doing [the CK ad] and I was like, ‘Oh, cool,’” Wahlberg said in a recent interview with E! News.

“And then he sent me a picture and I was like, ‘Dude don’t send me a picture of you in your underwear. That’s crossing the line. I don’t need to see a picture of you in your underwear. I’ll probably see it when I’m driving down the street, and I’ll still try to avoid it.”

For maximum comedic effect, we recommend reading the above quote aloud in a super-fact Mahky-Mahk accent. If it’s done properly, you’ll have hours of fun.