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Rhea Durham is standing by her man.

And totally dissing Justin Bieber in the process.

Days after Justin Bieber underwear photos set the Internet on fire, the wife of Mark Wahlberg has thrown some serious shade at the new Calvin Klein spokesman online.

“My baby was the 1st and the best,” Durham Tweeted last night, referencing the half-naked Calvin Klein campaign that featured Wahlberg in 1992.

Durham then went on to make it personal with Bieber, bringing up rumors of Photoshopping for his spread and adding:

"And not to mention……wow the retouching."

Wahlberg’s proud better half also a link to some of her husband’s famous poses and wrote:

“that’s the real…..ain’t gonna lie. Just gonna say this…..did u ever hear the song #aintnuthinliketherealthingbaby.”

As you might expect, some of Bieber’s fans took exception to Durham’s messages (these same fans have issues death threats to model Lara Stone for posing with Justin), prompting Rhea to respond with the following:

"No hate. Just saying the original was the best that’s all."

For his part, Bieber says he isn’t trying to compete with Wahlberg. Just to be a part of the sexy conversation.

"Just spoke to my boy @mark_wahlberg," he Tweeted about his shirtless shots went viral. "Honored to be a part of the legacy. @CalvinKlein #mycalvins."

With the backlash growing intense last night, Durham took to Twitter one final time to try and make peace with the Beliebers.

“I have no ill will against anyone! I’m just super biased for my hubby that’s all,” she wrote. “Mark loves Justin. It’s all good! Xo.”

She then addressed Bieber personally: "@justinbieber this Rhea Wahlberg @mark_wahlberg wife. Sorry for any confusion! Passing the torch….Congrats!!!!!"