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As you probably know, the Entourage movie hit theaters this week, and as an executive bro-ducer and bro-spiration for the main character, Mark Wahlberg has been making the press rounds to bro-mote the film.

Of course, there are some major differences between Wahlberg and Adrian Grenier’s character, such as the fact that Vincent Chase is from New York, not Boston, and he never violently assaulted a Vietnamese immigrant in a racially-charged hate crime.

(At least we hope not. That would be bro-rrible.) 

You would think Wahlberg would avoid talking about that ugly incident as much as possible, but he bizarrely brought it up in a recent interview while discussing, of all things, Tom Brady’s involvement in DeflateGate.

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Wahlberg, of course, is a die-hard New England Patriots fan. It makes sense, as not only is Mark from Boston, he’s also gotten off with slap-on-the-wrist punishments for the horrible misdeeds of his past, much like the Pats.

We can see why Wahlberg would be tempted to compare his own vicious crimes to Tom Brady’s deflated balls, but…actually, no we can’t. We have no idea why he said this:

“I sent him a message saying from a guy who’s been there, not to worry about it," Wahlberg said when asked about the cheating scandal. "Keep your head up. It will all blow over.’ He just sent me a very funny response."

It’s fair to assume that when Wahlberg says he’s "been there," he’s talking about the biggest scandal of his career, which would, of course, be the savage attack he carried out as a member of a hate group.

Obviously, it wasn’t the smartest comment for Wahlberg to make. Now Ari is gonna have to deal with the fallout, and E will need to convince James Cameron to still give Mark the role in Aquaman 2.

Sorry, we sometimes confuse real life with television. It’s a serious bro-blem.