Kris Jenner to Get Revenge on Caitlyn Jenner...By Marrying Corey Gamble?!

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Ah, Kris Jenner. Say what you will about the Momager of the Century, she's always full of surprises.

First we thought Kris and Corey Gamble had broken up. Now it looks like the May-December couple is very much still (or back) together.

Even weirder, Radar Online is reporting that Kris and Corey are getting married, Weirder still, sources are claiming that Kris' motivation isn't her love for Corey, but her desire for sweet, sweet revenge on her ex, Caitlyn Jenner.

Kris Jenner, Corey Gamble Photo

“Kris wants to marry him, but not because she actually loves this man,” one insider says. “She is doing this to spite Caitlyn rather than because of her love for Corey.”

Yes, if you didn't already know - Kris and and Caitlyn have beef

Sure, Kris says Caitlyn is "an inspiration" now, but that's only after weeks of shade-throwing and claims that Caitlyn misled her when they first got married.

Plus, there's a rumor that Kris is insanely jealous of Caitlyn, and considering how much Kris works for the kind of attention that Caitlyn is receiving just by being herself, we're inclined to believe it.

“Kris knows that having a televised wedding at her age to Corey will make her the center of attention once again,” the source says.

“Kris told all of her family that she feels that Corey is the one, so no one will be surprised when this actually happens.”

Again, if this were anyone other than Kris, we'd consider the idea of getting married as an act of revenge to be completely ridiculous...But you can never underestimate the Momager.

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