Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Kendra Gets So Wet

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Last night on Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 5, the embattled couples' skills were put to the test by way of a blindfolded canoe race.

When Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 5, entitled "Troubled Waters," got underway, Aubrey and Travis were forced to clean the stables.

As punishment for breaking a promise not to argue, natch.

Fortunately, they had a chance to cool off - although things also got more heated - during the canoe race that the couples had to take part in.

Petrified of water, Tami bailed on the drill and stormed back to the house before she even left the dock, while Jeff’s temper left Jordan in tears.

Amid the furious paddling, confusion and chaos, and unbeknownst to the couples, the race was to be decided on communication, not speed.

The duos were shocked at who actually won, and the results left the group even more divided. But the worst was yet to come on this night.

Taking part in a role reversal exercise and reenacting a typical fight between them put the spotlight back on Kendra Wilkinson once again.

Kendra’s denial and Hank’s resistance regarding the great Ava London Half Relief Scandal of '14 drove home a trio of intertwining points:

  1. These two characters are seriously pieces of work
  2. You can't believe anything on TV isn't staged
  3. They may well milk this scandal for years

You gotta watch Marriage Boot Camp online to truly appreciate the ridiculousness of which we speak, but that does sum it up well.

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