Justin Bieber Refuses to Apologize for His Humanity

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Justin Bieber doesn't want folks to misunderstand.

Does he regret some of his actions over the past year? Sure. Is he growing as a man? Absolutely.

But that doesn't mean Bieber is about to grovel or bed for your forgiveness just because he peed into a mop bucket or hurled some eggs as a neighbor last year.

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"People want me to apologize, which I don’t know if it’s really fair,” Bieber tells Women’s Wear Daily.” I’ll definitely take responsibility… but I’ll never apologize for being human and making mistakes.”

To what does Justin blame for his irresponsible behavior?

"I think that’s just part of growing and living and becoming a man or a woman. It’s been a cool learning process.

"I’m really happy where I am right now, that’s for sure."

It's pretty clear Bieber has been on some kind of positive PR tour since the calendar flipped to 2015, making apologetic statements and taking part in fun videos.

He also wants to help kids feel better about themselves.

And he blames social media for all the negativity out there.

"I think that’s what’s ruining the younger generation is they feel so judged and they have to be some sort of way.

"I just believe that’s discouraging a lot of kids and I want to help [with] that in any way I can."

The singer has also said he'll release a new album in 2015, but he spoke to WWD from Hong Kong, where he was promoting Calvin Klein, whose recent underwear ads he refers to as a "transitional tool."

“I’m excited to venture into a new lane… Really new and something I’ve always really liked, but now I’m just moving forward into that direction.

"Just being recognized by the fashion world in such a way so far has been awesome."

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