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In a way, Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame is a true Cinderalla story, but with a giant butt and a gallon of lube instead of a dainty foot and a glass slipper.

Before the Kim Kardashian sex tape and her subsequent rise to fame, she was just another So-Cal rich kid with dreams of hitting the big time. 

For Kim, this meant serving as the lowly assistant to Paris Hilton.

Kim and Paris

Sure, Kim and Paris – at the time a legitimate A-lister – were also "friends," but Kim was very clearly on a level below her sex tape predecessor.

Some of our older/more obsessed readers may recall this.

It was a simpler time, a bygone era when Paris and her then-bestie Nicole Richie would go full Regina George on Kim on a regular basis:

Nicole Richie: Kim Kardashian is a Hoe

Of course, these days, Kimderella is having the last laugh.

Paris is still rich, but has fallen into the sad role of 34-year-old aspiring club DJ, while Nicole only makes headlines for her divorce drama.

Kim may have been Paris’ b-tch early on, but she played the long con and had the good sense to film it when she got peed on by Ray J.

Paris Hilton Disses Kim Kardashian

Now, however, it looks as though Keeks may have also exacted her revenge in smaller more secretive ways while she was still an underling.

According to a new expose on tabloids that appeared on Buzzfeed, Kim used to make bank by selling Paris’ secrets to In Touch Weekly:

"Several former [In Touch] employees confirmed that before Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J was leaked, Kim served as a source."

As in a pre-2007 source "for In Touch stories, providing a steady stream of information on Paris Hilton," according to the article.

The magazine later proved instrumental in elevating the Kardashians from low-rent reality nobodies to some of Hollywood’s most famous women.

Talk about an ironic and glorious coup de grace.

If there’s a lesson to be learned here, we would say that it’s always be nice to the desperate George Costanza of your group of friends.

Because you never know when he or she will sell you out to the tabloids, then go on to become super famous on the strength of his or her huge ass.

Or something.