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Justin Bieber’s crotch is growing faster and bigger than Taylor Swift’s career, or the new Calvin Klein pitchman had a little help in the padding department.

We wish we could take credit for that joke, but Twitter is convinced that a great deal of stuffing went into these new CK Justin Bieber underwear ads.

Exhibit A: Need we say more?!

Justin Bieber Stuffed Crotch

Yes, Bieber’s bulge (#BieberBulge) is all the rage online today, and not just among 14-year-old girls squealing about how HAWT the pop star is.

Even louder than fans crowing with glee that their man is seXXXY are critics howling with laughter at the notion that Justin Bieber stuffed his crotch.

Did he, though?

Looking at the images above, it’s easy to see why this sparked such a strong reaction. It definitely looks like he’s well endowed … with few rolls of quarters.

Or a sock, perhaps, or a small, furry animal. Either way, the idea that Justin Bieber has such an impressive package is just too laughable to take seriously.

Not just because of the photo, of course, but because it’s him. Some choice reactions from Twitter users convinced his junk was padded or Photoshopped:

  • i was tricked into seeing a picture of justin bieber’s calvin klein padded crotch bulge. Must gouge out eyes and pour bleach in sockets.
  • I know Justin Bieber penis super uncomfortable in those pics cause they stuffed tf out of his crotch.
  • justin bieber’s crotch is most definitely edited but i am loving it anyway
  • photoshop has already got it’s 2015 workout on justin bieber’s crotch alone
  • Tired of seeing Justin Bieber’s sock stuffed crotch on my TL
  • that thing is growing faster than taylor swift’s career
  • take that sock out ur crotch ho

We could go on, but you get the idea. The commentary is limitless.

Combined with Justin’s over the top efforts to appear semi-hard, despite being a whiny douche, and #BieberBulge slash #SockGate has serious legs.

What do you think? Scroll through more Justin Bieber shirtless photos above to examine more evidence, then vote in our survey and comment below:

Did Justin Bieber pad his crotch in these ads?