Justin Bieber: Growing as a Man, Cheering for LeBron

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Justin Bieber took some out of performing in Hong Kong this week to speak to Us Weekly.

The tabloid caught up with the artist at a Calvin Klein-sponsored event overseas, asking Bieber about his fashion, his growth as a person and his rooting interest in the NBA Finals.

But, no, not about posing naked with a pig.

Justin Bieber at Wango Tango

Here are excerpts from Bieber's interview with the magazine:

How does he stay in shape? I’ve been working out recently, but when I was doing a shoot I would spend like two weeks before the shoot just really grinding it, working out everyday, eating healthy.

How has he changed over the years? I’m a human being. So I’m growing as a man, and you just figure some certain things out that you’re okay with, and what you believe in. I can’t really say that I’ve made any mistakes, but that I’m just human, you know?

And I think that that, in general, just growth helps me with my music. Like I put everything in my music, like everything I have, because that’s what I’m made for. I’m super creative, I’m always in the studio. So my growth is definitely a big part of my music, my creativity.

What style does he like on the opposite sex? I think this season is Saint Laurent is really cool so I like - I like to see girls in that for sure. They’re in like a cowgirl stage right now.

Is he rooting for the Cavs or the Warriors? I have to go with LeBron James on this one. He’s just worked so hard, and he’s doing it with himself at this point.

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