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If you know only one thing about Jaden Smith, it should be the fact that he’s weird enough that no one even bats an eye when he talks about time travel and depressed oceans.

If you have room for two Jaden facts in your noggin, remember this: The dude has a hella sense of style.

Jaden Smith Prom Outfit

We’re not even talking about when Jaden wore a dress to Coachella. He clearly put a lot of thought into the outfit, and he actually made it work.

No, we’re talking about the white Batman costume shown above.

Yes, if you weren’t aware – Jaden Smith dresses like Batman for formal occasions on a bizarrely regular basis.

He debuted the get-up (that would probably be more appropriate for 6-year-old than a 16-year-old) last year at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding.

He busted it out again last month to go to Amandla Stenberg’s prom in a photo that went viral and caused a great deal of discussion.

We can’t imagine why.

Now, Jaden is speaking out for the first time about his decision to go out in public dressed as the White Dark Knight.

“I wore the Batman suit to heighten my experience at the wedding and prom which was fun," Jaden says in the new issue of GQ.

"But also at the wedding I felt as though I needed to protect everyone there and needed to have the proper gear to do so.”

Protect everyone?

Last we checked neither Katie Holmes nor Maggie Gyllenhaal was in attendance at either event. Correct us if we’re wrong.

And if Heath Ledger shows up, well, no utility belt is gonna save you, because the Zombie Apocalypse is clearly upon us.

Too soon?