Mama June Shannon: Sugar Bear is Gay and Hires Male Prostitutes!

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Man, we were really beginning to think that we were finally done with June Shannon's desperate, trashy shenanigans.

Just kidding, Mama June will always pop up every few weeks to reclaim her title as the Queen of Gross, but her latest gasp for attention did actually catch us off guard due to its sheer randomness.

You may recall that June and Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson broke up last year after he was allegedly caught using an online dating profile to look for cheating partners.

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In hopes of squeezing a few more pennies out of their rapidly declining careers as national punchlines​ saving their relationship, Mama June and Sugar Bear signed up for Marriage Bootcamp, which began filming earlier this month.

You might expect Mama June to do a lot of apologizing on the show, considering she was caught engaging in a romantic relationship with the man who molested her eldest daughter, but apparently she's still pointing the finger at Sugar Bear.

As if that nickname weren't punishment enough:

“Mama June says she’s found naked selfies from guys on his phone and messages from male prostitutes saying Sugar Bear owes them money for their services,” says a source on the Marriage Bootcamp set.

Yes, she jumped right from "He's cheatin'!" to "He's cheatin' with them hookers that's gots the penises!"

The insider adds that Thompson “denies it every time June confronts him.”

We may never find out for sure if Sugar Bear is actually in the habit of hiring male prostitutes, or if Mama June is just stirring up another scandal in hopes of landing a new reality show.

The bigger question, of course, is: When will this woman go away?

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