Chet Haze Deletes Instagram in Wake of N-Word Controversy

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Well, you've all finally done it. You've forced the living real-life version of Jamie Kennedy's character in Malibu's Most Wanted to give up his idiotic, pro-racial slur campaign.

For those who aren't familiar with the gangsta rapper son of Tom Hanks (Sadly, that's not a joke.), allow us to fill you in:

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Chet Haze has been dropping n-bombs on Instagram even though he's the son of Forrest Gump, which puts him in the running for Whitest Person on the Planet. 

Yesterday, Chet defended his right to use racial slurs in an epic, several-hundred word Instagram rant, and we're pretty sure they're the same words you would hear if you slowed down one of those nonsensical Iggy Azalea freestyles.

Predictably, the backlash was swift and harsh, and despite his promises to ride til he dies or some such G'ed up BS, Chet has apparently given up his noble, racist crusade and deleted his Instagram account.

We'll miss Chet's hilarious attempts at a hood persona, but all-in-all we'd say social media is a much better place without him.

It's the thousands of IG users who pointed out Chet's ignorant, privileged douchery that got him to retreat, so like we said, you all made this happen!

And we can't thank you enough for it.

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