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If you’re not familiar with Chet Haze, consider yourself lucky.

The terminally causasian, private school-educated son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson is like Iggy Azalea without the talent. Just pretend for a second that Iggy Azalea has talent so that the analogy makes sense, okay?

Anyway, Chet is a plain white rapper, but the Iggy similarities don’t end there.

The former Chester Hanks not only talks the hip hop talk, he walks the walk in the most cringe-worthy fashion imaginable.

Like Iggy, he’s appropriated the culture with an affected "ghetto" accent and smackable attempts at "swag." Like Iggy, "huge embarrassment" is probably the best description for Chester. 

Of course, even Iggy-Igs draws the line at the use of a certain racial slur commonly found in lyrics written by rappers who didn’t wear blazers to grade school. Chet Haze, on the other hand, crossed that line over the weekend:

Chet Haze in London

Next to the above photo of himself in London (So hood!), Chet wrote, "F-ck yall hating ass n–gaz I’ll never stop chasing my dreams!"

Sadly, it looks as though this is becoming a habit for the young Mr. Hanks, as just two days earlier, he posted a photo of the rapper Juice, whom he referred to as "my n–ga" in the caption.

For the record, Hanks completed rehab last year, so his latest social media posts were presumably written while 100% sober.