Iggy Azalea Attempts to Freestyle Rap in Vine Video: Watch and Be Appalled!

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From her perspective, everyone hates Iggy Azalea because she's a woman. Or because she's white. Or because she's Australian. Or because she raps with a thick ghetto accent, even though she grew up riding to school in a kangaroo's pouch.

In reality, the problem with Iggy is that she's attempted to make a career for herself as a rapper, despite the fact that she seriously sucks at rapping.

Maybe you've been taken in by the slick presentation of "Fancy," or maybe you're one of the few people who actually listened to her album in its entirety, and you've been fooled by studio magic into thinking that Iggy has talent.

Whatever the case, the sight of I-G-G-Y attempting to go 8 Mile on some poor schlub oughta be enough to set the record straight:

We understand it's hard to make out the lyrics due to the sound quality, but we're pretty sure she just said "weenie" a bunch of times in a row.

To be clear, there are certain people who would hate on Iggy because of her background and lack of cred, regardless of whether or not she had any talent.

The girl could've dropped some B-Rabbit lines about "mom's spaghetti" that would bring Brittany Murphy back from the dead, and Azalea Banks would still call her "Satan in the form of mayonnaise."

We're not saying all the hate is deserved. But we are saying she lacks the talent necessary to combat it.

Iggy got a boob job recently, but we're pretty sure that unless doctors figure out a way to implant rapping talent, Iggy-Ig's place in the "Where are they now?" file is all but assured.

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