The Bachelorette Recap: Did Britt Win Guys' Vote Over Kaitlyn?

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If you read The Bachelorette spoilers, you probably knew the outcome before the second half of the Season 11 premiere aired Tuesday night.

Following an awkward, uncomfortable and drunken premiere, the fates of Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson were in the hands of the 25 guys.

Who would retain the title of The Bachelorette, and who'd go on to ... something else? And what guys would follow the loser out the door?

If you missed The Bachelorette premiere, the votes have been tallied, and Chris Harrison has a job to do. He immediately makes a beeline for ...

Britt. She will NOT be continuing on as The Bachelorette!

After this sinks in, she cries hysterically in a limo. Again.

Next up is her adversary, who Chris tells with as much unnecessary drama as humanly possible, Unfortunately, Kaitlyn ... I had to send Britt home.”

Kaitlyn asks if Britt is okay, and kind of hyperventilates.

Chris then tells this season's room full of dudes, minus the already eliminated douchebag Ryan McDill, that the winner has been chosen.

Kaitlyn walks in to a standing ovation.

Now we can begin the season in earnest, and that means the First Impression Rose and later, the Rose Ceremony, were 5-6 guys also get the boot.

Some of the men who were Team Britt might actually want to be cut at this point. Especially Brady, who seemed to be falling for Nilsson already!

Chris the dentist has no such doubts about where he wants to be (Kaitlyn's mouth). He went for the make-out during their first real interaction!

That was hot, but not enough to land the First Impression Rose, which went to Shawn the personal trainer. So basically he won't win this year.

Nick Viall came close, but no FIR recipient has also gone on to win the final rose ... it's like the Madden Curse, only even more ridiculous.

Speaking of Nick Viall, click on his name for amazing gossip you have to see to believe concerning Andi Dorfman's now-infamous runner-up.

Rose Ceremony time: Chris, Ben H., JJ, Joe, Kupah, Daniel, Ryan B., Joshua, and Tony all receive the token of her affection and advance.

Then Brady interrupts the proceedings to ask out because he was Team Britt 4 Lyfe, and sorry girl, the heart wants what it wants up in hurrr.

Which makes us wonder ... will anyone else follow?

Here's another spoiler for you, although it was pretty well teased on this episode of the ABC hit: You won't believe who Britt is dating now!

Rose Ceremony time finally continues: Clint, Tanner, Cory, Ian, Ben, Justin and Jared get the nod, and we look forward to next week.

Are you happy Kaitlyn won and the show will go back to normal? Do you miss Britt? And who among the guys do you like/dislike the most?

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