Ryan McDill, Booted Bachelorette Contestant, Once Dated Nikki Ferrell!

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After Ryan McDill got wasted drunk on The Bachelorette season premiere and threatened to rape another contestant, the world shuttered in disgust.  

We all felt confident, at least, in assuming that no one else would stoop low enough to date a loser like Ryan McDill. But that isn’t true.

In fact, McDill is not even a stranger to ladies from The Bachelor franchise!

Ryan McDill and Nikki Ferrell

Long before last night’s premiere of The Bachelorette, McDill dated Nikki Ferrell before she appeared on, and went on to win, The Bachelor last year.

She tweeted a little bit about the show, but she left out any mention of McDill.

We get it, Nikki. We all have that one person we are embarrassed to admit we’ve dated (or in her case, multiple, as Juan Pablo isn't much better).

Ferrell, 28, tweeted Monday, “Shawn B, Tanner, and the guy w the southern drawl, because who really needs to know his name w that accent…"

Her lack of comment about Ryan may have just been to keep a cordial relationship with him. But good friends tell the truth.

And former Bachelorette and friend of Ferrell took a jab at Ryan.

After McDill slapped Kaitlyn Bristowe on the butt and made a rape threat to another (male) contestant, Andi Dorfman tweeted:

"And then Ryan never got another date again... Hands off my @kaitlynbristowe ‘ass' #TheBachelorette.”

Thankfully, McDill was booted off the show for his behavior.

To that Dorfman tweeted, "Papa @chrisbharrison taking care of business! #DadOfTheYear #TheBachelorette."

McDill might not be over Nikki though. When Nikki was on The Bachelor last year, McDill claimed she was the one that got away.

Even then, he was criticized as attention-getting and inauthentic.

In other words, McDill has always sucked. And we have to really start to question Nikki's choice in men.

Clearly, McDill is a poor choice to say the least. And The Bachelor contestant who gave her the final rose?

Juan Pablo Galavis was a womanizer and a player who scandalized the show like never before with his off-putting behavior.

Yeah. Let’s all hope McDill never gets another date again and that Nikki gets it together.

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