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Michael Girgenti says a DNA test and the lie detector test he failed are just bogus and that he totally fathered Kourtney Kardashian’s first child … seriously.

Michael Girgenti, Kourtney Kardashian

As fans know, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have reached a breaking point after years of the Lord’s hard partying, and even alleged cheating.

Which makes it all the more interesting that Michael Girgenti has come crawling back out of the woodwork to "set the record straight" about Kourt.

The male model claims he may be Mason’s father after banging (he claims) the reality star in early 2009, having met her on the set of a photo shoot.

On a break from Disick at the time, the oldest, hottest and least annoying of the Kardashians gave birth to her first child around nine months later.

Kourtney – and a DNA test – have confirmed that Scott is the boy’s dad, but Girgenti has never relented, saying the results may be tainted or bogus.

How so? “We went to court – she didn’t show up, but her lawyers did,” Girgenti told Radar. “What I was fighting for was a court-ordered DNA test.”

Kardashian complied, and the test (along with a polygraph) sided with her. But Girgenti still harbors doubts about whether the tests were inaccurate.

“I didn’t trust what they provided … The court said that what she supplied was enough, and it was case closed unless there was further evidence.”

“I wanted some court place to have her take it,” he continued.

“If they were to grant me my wish, they would tell her to.”

If nothing else, he says the court believes they banged:

“I know what happened. And even in the court’s eyes, if there was a debate it wasn’t whether it happened or not. I had to prove we were in talks, via BBM.”

That said, he does not have another legal fight left in him.

“At this point I have to just believe the system,” he admitted, “and just kind of let it go.” At least until the next time she has problems with Scott at home.