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Think it’s impressive to catch a foul ball in your beer cup and then chug the rest of the beer in that cup?

Okay, as proven in this awesome video, it is.

But so is this:

At the Philadelphia Phillies versus New York Mets game yesterday, attendee Mike Capko caught a souvenir off the bat of Daniel Murphy. 

No big deal? This happens all the time? Not exactly: Capko snagged the foul ball mid-flight… with his baby son strapped to his chest!

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Capko said the snag was a "natural reaction," and it also marked the first foul ball he’d ever caught, along with his infant’s first-ever baseball game.

And, hey, at least his kid didn’t throw the ball back!

Pretty cool, huh?

And nice of Capko to finally give Philadelphia fans something to cheer about; the team is 11-21, mired in last place in the National League East.