Lindsay Lohan: I Completed Community Service on Facebook!

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Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Lindsay Lohan is behind on her community service hours. Like hilariously far behind.

As a result of her 2013 reckless driving conviction, the alleged actress is required to complete 125 hours by May 28.

With only 10 hours under her belt, Lindsay rushed back to NYC to complete her hours ... which she says she's already done.

Wait until you hear how and why she believes this ...

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Generally, community service serves, well, the community ... particularly the community you endangered or failed.  For instance, when I got in trouble as a teenager, I had to cook and serve food at a senior living facility.

But Lindsay Lohan isn’t serving sloppy joes and canned green beans to old folks.  Instead, she is doing her service work from home on Facebook.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is claiming credit for organizing and posting pictures on the Facebook page of a London-based community service organization.

More realistically, her assistant is doing the work for her.

A staff member of the organization gave Lindsay a thumb drive with the photos to post on Facebook.  How is this community service???

So while other convicted persons are actually serving the community, LiLo her assistant is chilling in her underwear, drinking a cocktail, and playing on Facebook ... for community service credit.  WTF?!?!

Not everyone is as excited as Lindsay about her slack a** community service gig.  When administrators of the community service organization found out she did her work from home, they wrote an apology to the judge.

Lindsay has until May 28 to complete the hours or she will have to serve jail time.  

Until then, I think she should work at the old folks home that I did, where the same old lady smacked my hand every evening because she didn't want peaches for dessert.  

Maybe she will smack Lindsay in the face.  One can only hope.

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