Lindsay Lohan: Racing to NYC to Finish Community Service!

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No sleep 'til finishing community service in Brooklyn!

Lindsay Lohan is racing back to the Big Apple “immediately” to complete her court ordered hours and avoid another trip to jail, according to reports.

Think she'll be successful? With her history ...

According to Lindsay Lohan's community service record, she's finished only nine hours and 45 minutes of the remaining 125 HOURS required!!

That punishment stemmed from her 2013 reckless driving conviction, and she only has until May 28 to finish the rest, an L.A. County judge ordered.

“If she doesn’t complete it, then we will be asking for custody,” Melanie Skehar, a prosecutor with the Santa Monica City Attorney, said Thursday.

As in police custody. Imagine that ... someone in the Los Angeles actually wants Lindsay Lohan to be seen around them! Miracles do happen!

“We’ll ask that she serve the remainder in jail," Skehar added. "She’s had every chance. I honestly don’t see how she will get these hours done.”

Neither do we.

Lohan, 28, has been logging her time at the London-based charity Community Service Volunteers, but the agency recently moved its location.

Naturally, lawyer Shawn Holley used this an excuse, whining that Lohan would have to pay $76 an hour on a driver to get there ... while not working.

"So this has proved to be difficult for her," the lawyer explained in her bid to pull a rabbit out of her legal hat for LiLo for about the 1,235th time.

Lohan also has been stymied by a rule that says she can’t serve more than four hours at a time at CSV, Holley said, as if her client ever would.

Holley asked that the train wreck be allowed to serve longer shifts at a Brooklyn charity previously approved by the Santa Monica City Attorney.

The judge agreed to the longer shifts if they're served in Brooklyn but said the deadline for a "final status report" would remain set for May 28.

“She’s had three years to take care of this. If it’s not done by May 28, there will be consequences,” Judge Mark A. Young told Holley in court.

In other words ... 115 hours and 15 minutes to go, and under three weeks to get 'er done. We see another Lindsay Lohan mug shot in our future.

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