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The highly-anticipated Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck premiered on HBO this week, and while the incredibly intimate portrait of one of the rock wold’s most damaged souls has received mostly positive reviews, it seems one particular scene made an unfavorable impression on many of Cobain’s fans, as well as his surviving friends and family.

The scene in question shows Cobain visibly high on heroin and nodding off while holding his infant daughter for a haircut.

Yeah, it’s looking more and more like the world shouldn’t have been so quick to judge Frances Bean Cobain’s recent harsh comments about her famous father. 

Kurt Cobain Holds Daughter While on Heroin

In the above video, director Brett Morgen explains his decision to keep the controversial scene in the film, despite protests from Kurt’s mother and sister.

"I thought it was important. I thought that without it, the film might have become a little too romantic, in a sense. Everybody knows Kurt was associated with heroin, but we’ve never really seen that face of it,

"That scene is not about Kurt on heroin, entirely. It’s about the battle being raged inside of him between the love he has for his daughter and his addiction. What’s so tragic in that scene is you sort of see how the addiction is winning."

Morgen says Cobain’s family was "furious" when they learned that the footage would be included in the film’s final cut, but that he decided to include it as a way of de-romanticizing the Nirvana frontman’s addiction.

Well, whether you agree with Morgen’s decision or not, there’s no denying the impact that that particular portion of the film has had.

When you have a scene in which Courtney Love talks about driving Cobain to suicide through her desire to cheat on him, and that’s not the scene that’s got everyone talking, you know the sad image of a drug-addled Kurt and his tiny daughter packed one serious emotional punch.